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The Human Services Dataset (HSDS) has been created by de-identifying and combining data collected through the administration of different NSW Government services and some Commonwealth Government supports (i.e. welfare and medical benefits). Information like names, dates of birth and addresses are removed to ensure the data do not identify individuals and privacy is protected. Therefore, the integrated dataset contains completely anonymous records. The HSDS is unprecedented in scale in NSW, bringing together 27 years of data and over seven million records about children, young people and families, from across government. The records contain de-identified information from all NSW residents born on or after 1 January 1990 (the Primary Cohort) and their relatives (i.e. family members, guardians and carers – the Secondary Cohort). The data is protected by laws and measures that guard privacy and keep the data secure, including a comprehensive framework of security controls and standards. The HSDS is stored securely with the NSW Data Analytics Centre and is accessible to approved users only.

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