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About Metadata NSW


The Metadata.NSW Registry has been created as a centralised repository for organising, storing and maintaining metadata in a standardised and structured manner. It establishes a controlled environment for capturing, managing, and retrieving metadata relating to human services provided or funded by the NSW Government. 

The FACSIAR Team at Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) played a pivotal role in the development of, contributing valuable expertise and insights that enriched the platform's functionality and usability. They developed a significant amount of content and curated the metadata underpinning many of DCJ's datasets. 



metadata.NSW acts as a catalogue of human service metadata elements, allowing users to easily discover and access relevant information. By establishing a common structure for metadata, the metadata.NSW registry enables a seamless integration and exchange of metadata between different agencies and systems. Authorised users across NSW Government and researchers can more easily discover what data is available, what is its attributes and where to access it.


Metadata refers to the descriptive information that provides context and understanding about data assets. It includes attributes such as data source, data format, structure, definitions, quality, ownership, access procedures and other relevant details. It serves as a form of "data about data" and acts as a crucial component in data management systems.

By providing valuable insights into the content and context of data, metadata enables efficient data discovery, searchability, integration, interoperability, and analysis.


This Metadata Registry allows users to search, discover, and assess the suitability of data assets for specific purposes. does not store or share sensitive data.


The metadata.NSW registry plays a crucial role in organising, making accessible and helping agencies govern metadata. It enables data discoverability, better data management, and analysis within and across NSW Government agencies.


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