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User Stories

Data Discovery

A Program Manager wants to create an evaluation strategy that measures the impact of a human services early intervention program using data  that is collected by multiple human service agencies. The Program Manager is able to browse the dataset library to see what data sets are available and the data elements contained in the data assets.

Using this catalogue of data sets, they are able to uncover which data sets are available, who collected the data, and who the data custodian is to request access to the data to inform their evaluation strategy.

The data indicators can be used as measures in the strategy to assist the Program Manager to evaluate the effectiveness of their intervention program.




A business user accesses the Metadata Registry to search for terms and keywords. The results of the search are displayed in the tool with an option to download a report.

  • The downloaded report shows the available metadata data elements searched for and displays all of the business terms that contain the requested keyword. 
  • Further information can be found about the relationship of the term to other uses.
  • The system should generate a report containing the search results.

Desktop Accessibility

A business user wants to understand some text in a report. The Metadata Registry is accessible to use as a cloud-based product to search for the definition of the term quickly.

  • Using the keyword search, the search returns the terms needed by the business user to understand the content of their report. as requested in the keyword search.
  • Quick definitions and related business concepts are available as well as context and implementation of the data elements.

Data Governance


A team of Business Analysts need to create data elements for use across multiple program areas to manage and evaluate programs and create business cases for additional funding.

The data elements need to be structured and defined consistently, and endorsed by the Data Governance group (otherwise known as the Registration Authority) for use prior to publication.

The Metadata Registry can be used as a workspace to create, store, govern and track changes of data elements for multiple uses. A member of the team can also up-load existing Data Dictionaries so that data users can refer to the definitions to understand what the data means.



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