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Govern Metadata

Metadata consistency, currency and release require compliance, monitoring, management and governance.

Metadata governance requires a set of rules and guidelines that ensure everyone in the organisation manages data information consistently. It involves metadata managers enforcing these rules, checking the quality of the metadata, keeping track of changes, and managing the metadata throughout its lifecycle. Audits may be conducted to ensure compliance with the governance rules.

To find out more about Governing Metadata you can access topics on Endorsing Metadata and Stewardship Tasks from the Aristotle Metadata Knowledge Base. 


  • Rules and Guidelines - A set of rules and guidelines that determine how metadata is created, maintained, and used.
  • Metadata Managers – Metadata stewards or administrators are responsible for enforcing the rules, guidelines and standards set by the organisation. They make sure that the Metadata is accurate and reliable.
  • Quality Check - Metadata governance includes checking the quality of the Metadata. reviewing and validating it to ensure it meets the organisation’s standards.
  • Keeping Track of Changes - Metadata management keeps track of changes made to the Metadata overtime. It records when changes are made, who made them, and why.
  • Full Lifecycle Management - Metadata governance covers the entire lifecycle of Metadata. This includes creating to retiring or archiving it when it’s no longer needed. Managing the Metadata throughout its lifecycle ensures that it remains relevant to the organisation's needs.
  • Compliance and Auditing – Checks and audits are conducted to ensure compliance and help identify any issues or deviations from the governance rules, allowing corrective actions to be taken if necessary.

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