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Cross Agency Metadata


Cross agency metadata refers to metadata that is shared and used across multiple government agencies. By aligning metadata elements, such as data formats, definitions, and structures, it becomes easier to combine data from different sources and integrate data from multiple agencies. Users can search, identify and retrieve relevant data across multiple agencies, making data discovery and access easier.

When metadata is consistent and standardised, it becomes easier for systems and applications from different agencies to understand and interpret the data, enabling efficient data sharing and collaboration, facilitating interoperability and seamless data exchange. Cross agency metadata provides a valuable resource for government agencies, researchers and policy makers to generate insights and make evidence based decisions to improve outcomes for NSW citizens.



The NSW Metadata Registry acts as a data governance tool by ensuring data elements are defined, consistently used and easy to interpret. It does not contain data collected by agencies when providing services, it only contains the metadata elements. You can request access to cross agency data via the Data Passport Portal, accessible here:


In NSW, the primary data asset containing cross agency data is the Human Services Data Set (HSDS). Learn more about the HSDS here:


Agencies contributing to the HSDS include NSW Department of Education, NSW Ministry of Health, NSW Department of Communities and Justice, NSW Department of Customer Service and NSW Legal Aid and Police. It also includes some data from Commonwealth agencies. More information about the HSDS can be found here:

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