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Human Services Dataset (HSDS)

The Human Services Dataset (HSDS) is a comprehensive and anonymous dataset created by combining de-identified information from various NSW Government services and some Commonwealth Government supports. The HSDS aims to provide valuable insights for policy development, service planning, and research while ensuring the privacy and security of individuals' information. The HSDS is securely stored with the NSW Data Analytics Centre and is accessible only to approved users.



The HSDS covers various service streams, outcomes, and life events. Metadata for the HSDS is being developed using Metadata.NSW as a cross agency activity.

  • Child Protection, information related to concern reports, Risk of Significant Harm (ROSH) reports, Safety Assessment, Risk Assessment, and Risk Reassessment (SARA) reports.
  • Justice, information on custody, community supervision, court finalisations, cautions, youth conferences, and Legal Aid.
  • Housing, information about social housing tenancies, waitlists, private rental assistance, and homelessness services.
  • Health, includes data on public and private hospital admissions, emergency department presentations, ambulance patient contact events, childbirth data, mental health and the Opiate Treatment Program.
  • Education, information related to education, such as National Assessment Program—Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) results for year 3 and year 7, attendance, enrolment, suspension, HSC completion, unexpected government school moves, and Resource Allocation Model equity loadings. 

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